Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Wake Up Big Brother!

My sisters came down to help with our garage sale last weekend, so the boys both gave up their bedrooms so they could sleep there. Cameron slept downstairs and Tyler opted to sleep upstairs on the couch. I bet he was rethinking that choice at 7 AM. See, Tyler is not usually an early morning type of guy, he's really more of a sleep till noon type.

Caleb is not a sleep in kind of guy, and he feels that anyone who is not sleeping in a room with a closed door is fair game.

It started off innocently enough. Caleb pulled back the blanket and laid down next to Tyler.
And then he pulled the covers back over him. Isn't that cute!

But then Caleb got bored with that and decided it was time for Tyler to get up & play with him.

"Wake up Tyler!"

"I said Wake Up!"

"Fine, if you're not going to get up & play with me, I'm going to take your new Rugby ball that Auntie Marnee brought back from New Zealand!"

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