Thursday, May 29, 2008

Rachel's Challenge

Since I shared the attitude my 12 year old has at times, I feel it is only fair to share his good days, too. Tyler brought a slip home from school yesterday stating that he would be going bowling this afternoon.

Our middle school has accepted Rachel's Challenge. As part of that, several students & teachers have certificates to give out when they catch a student being respectful or responsible, or basically being a good role model. Once they give out the certificate, that person gets a treat & entered into a drawing to go bowling. That person is also then given the certificate to pass onto to somebody they catch being a good role model. The idea is that you never know who has the certificates, so hopefully the students will try to be respectful all of the time.

Tyler said a teacher gave him the certificate because he was helping another student with his homework. I'm not sure when he was actually given the certificate, but they had the drawing earlier this week & his name was drawn to go on the bowling trip. Nice job, Tyler!

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Trish said...

Oh, that sounds like fun! And I like the challenge idea. I just had an email similar to that challenge. They gave out a ribbon to pin to your shirt and then also gave you 3 more ribbons to pass on. The idea there was to give someone a ribbon and tell them why they were important/valued in your life.