Wednesday, May 21, 2008

They still keep calling...

Even though we have put our phone number on the do not call list, we still seem to get a lot of unwanted calls. And since my husband runs a daycare out of our home, simply not answering calls that show up as "unavailable" on the caller ID is not an option.

Chris will get several telemarketing calls during the day, and they just don't get a clue when we hang up on them, so he has started giving the phone to Amata when whey call. She loves it! What I cannot believe is how long these people will stay on the line. One guy stayed on with her for almost 5 minutes! He kept asking if he could talk to her mommy and she kept changing the subject, usually to one of her many boo-boos.

Today, while I was home for lunch, a call came in that said it was from Ontario....I don't think we know anybody from there. Amata talked to them for about a minute or so. Her side of the conversation went something like this:

What-cha doin?
I got a owie on my arm.
Why she said be quiet? (laughing)
My baby Baylee is crying.
I'm gonna play outside with my friends later.
Why she said be quiet? (laughing)
Mommy, you want to say bye?
I'm gonna hang up now.

It might be mean, but I just really don't understand why they stay on the line so long with her. We've listened on another phone before & they will ask her questions and everything. You would think they would figure out by now that if I want a better interest rate or credit insurance, or whatever else they are offering, I'll call them...don't call me. I don't buy anything over the phone.

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Trish said...

too funny! But what a great idea- when Raegan gets old enough to hold the phone I will have to use that!