Thursday, May 1, 2008

My 2 Sons

Okay, so I actually have 3 sons, but today I am comparing/contrasting my oldest 2. They are like day & night!

Tyler is neat, Cameron…not so much.

Cameron like to dress up (notice the "tuxedo" he picked out for himself), Tyler…not so much (notice the polo shirt that he is wearing with shorts that are hard to see, it was an argument just to get him to wear this instead of his jean shorts made to look like they had holes in them.)

Here's another example from their pictures last fall. We actually had to buy Tyler's shirt & shoes because he didn't have anything nice to wear.

Tyler likes sports, of any kind, Cameron will play soccer, but only because if he just runs around the field a lot, you really can’t tell that he’s barely playing. Tyler’s goal in life is to be a professional athlete.

Cameron loves to play the guitar, Tyler will be lucky to pass band because he wants to quite and is mad that we are making him finish out the school year. (Side note, at the beginning of the year, we found an inexpensive trumpet and asked him if he was planning to play it for the next year, he said yes, so we bought it. Then a month later he said he wanted to quit). Cameron is certain he is going to be a rock star some day.

Cameron likes to ham it up in front of the camera, Tyler…not so much.

When Tyler gets mad, he will argue an argue and argue forever! When Cameron gets mad, he usually walks away and goes to his room. (Okay, so it would probably be more healthy if he would get it out instead of hiding in his room, but if I have to pick between 30 minute arguments or hiding in his room, I choose having him hide in his room!)

Cameron is artistic, Tyler draws stick people.

I love them both, but I just marvel at how different they can be!!

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