Monday, May 12, 2008


I love seeing my kids share. It makes you feel good as a parent that they've learned how to share with others.

But sometimes, they share too much.

I guess Caleb thought Baylee must have fallen asleep in her crib because she was bored and didn't have enough toys.

Amata loves to share...especially when it benefits her. If you are eating something she wants, she will say, "I share it with you, mommy."

She has also figured out how to use it to avoid getting into trouble. At the garage sale this weekend, she took a baggie that had plastic bracelets off of the table. The first thing she did with them was to "share" them by giving Caleb one. Because how can you get mad at her when she just took it so her little brother can have one? Seriously, how can you? I'd like to know because otherwise we are in for a lot of trouble as this girl gets older!

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Trish in VA said...

aww! sharing is so much fun! haha! luckily it doesn't look like Caleb shared anything too heavy!