Monday, May 5, 2008

Trial Run

The first round of my garage sale went really well! Even though it was FREEZING the whole time (silly me for thinking it would be a tad bit warm in May!), but at least it wasn't raining. I decided to do it for 2 weekends this year, so I'll have round 2 this weekend. I did manage to catch a cold, of course. I guess sitting in the FREEZING cold for 5 hours will do that to you! So I ended up in bed buy 8:30 Saturday night.

Chris had gone to pick up the camper so it was just me & the kids. I got the youngest 2 babies to sleep & left Amata with Tyler & Cameron. It was kind of neat to see how they would do getting themselves to bed at a reasonable time, and such. I must say I was pleasantly surprised.

Before I went upstairs, I told them I had the main door locked & the doors from the outside into the garage locked, but they would have to lock the other door after the dog went out for the last time. I also told them that they might want to get to bed at a decent time because if I didn't feel any better in the morning, they would have to help me with the babies since Chris wasn't going to be home until later in the morning.

At one point Tyler thought he heard somebody knocking at the door, but instead of opening it himself, he came up & got me. (There was nobody there, but at least he knew not to open it unless I was available.) I heard them make some microwave popcorn at one point.

But by 10:30 they were both in bed. I know that because that is when Amata came into my room and wanted to sleep in my bed. So I guess maybe some night Chris & I could actually maybe, I don't know, leave the house & go out somewhere together some night, since the boys seemed to do just fine by themselves.

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