Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Picture Time

I took my 3 youngest to Sears yesterday to get their pictures taken. Amata just turned 3, Caleb is 1 1/2 & Baylee is 8 months. I usually try to take a day off so that I can have their pictures done on a weekday when it is less busy. But this also means I have to take them all by myself.

Amata went first, she'd the easiest one. She loves to see pictures of herself and is usually very smiley when there is a camera around. Although, she also gets pretty wiggly, too. I try to limit myself to only purchasing 2 different poses of each child, because with 5 it can get spendy!

This picture was probably my favorite, except for the fact that she looks way older than 3 years old! She's even got the mussed hair!

Baylee went next, and she did fine, but she was pretty stingy with her smiles.

This one was by far the best smile of the day.

I just liked her expression on this one.

Caleb went last, hoping that he would have warmed up a little by then. The last time we got his pictures done I had to bring him back a second time because he was having NONE of that! The second time around started out pretty iffy. After a couple of minutes the girl suggested that maybe we should let the other appointment go first and see if he's better after that. I also brought one of his balls, because the best way to make Caleb like you is to play catch with him.

So, this time, I remembered to bring a ball, and I let them know from the beginning that he should go last. He wasn't great, but at least I got a couple of cute pictures from him. She pretty much had to be ready to take the picture & I would try to get him to go onto the background.

That's why she had to put his name on this one - to fill up that side of the picture because he was standing so far to the side.

This one wasn't too bad, I thought. I'm pretty sure this is a full body one they cropped.

I wasn't planning to take a picture of just the 3 of them, but the girls were willing to give it a try. The smiles are pretty iffy, but I still thought it was cute. Can you tell it was the last picture of the day?

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Trish said...

The pictures are great! Even the Caleb pictures- I like those kind better anyway, rather than stuffy posed shots! :) I had some done of Raegan at the Target back home in PA a few months ago. We were up visiting and I had my husband's cousin bring her little boy along, too. We got 1 with the two of them, then I had 2 shots of Raegan that turned out great in my opinion. My mother in law showed my husband and was like "here's her happy and here's her not happy". The look of shock on my face apparently didn't faze her. The "not happy" picture she is holding a flower in her hand and staring up at me with a cute little look on her face that to me looks like she is proud to show mommy she can hold the flower. Ok, this was not supposed to be a rant! lol! But really, your pictures are awesome!