Monday, October 26, 2009

First Day of School 2009

Okay, so Baylee's birthday pictures were not the only thing I was behind on. We had four kids starting school this year! Shockingly, Tyler & Cameron are no longer willing to pose for first day of school pictures. We did have a couple of willing participants, though. Amata & Caleb are always more than happy to have their pictures taken.

This was Caleb's very first day of school, ever. And, actually, he is the youngest person in his class. Normally, they don't get to have their Early Family Special Education classes at the school until they turn three. But, since Caleb's birthday was only a month & a half after the school year started, they decided he could start early so he didn't have to make a chance after the year started. He gets to go three mornings a week. We weren't sure how he would do at school, since he tends to have a tad bit of stranger anxiety (which is putting it mildly). Obviously, we underestimated the thrill of getting to ride the school bus when you are 3! (Town kids don't bussed around here, which makes it even cooler to have the bus pick you up.)

The bus was a little late, so he got anxious & decided to wait outside.

Amata gets to go to ECSE 3 afternoons a week & regular preschool 2 days a week. It just worked out that her first day of school was the day after Caleb's. She wasn't thrilled about that, but Nana & Great Grandma were able to be here for Amata's first day, so that made it a little better.

Too bad their excitement for school will fizzle out within the next few years. We'll just have to enjoy it while it lasts!

Happy Birthday, Baylee

Okay, so technically, Baylee is now 2 years, one month & 10 days old, but none of the other kids have had a birthday yet, so it’s okay that I haven’t gotten around to posting any pictures yet, right? Heck, we had our family pictures done in August I think and I haven’t posted or ordered prints of those yet, either.

No worries, even though she is the youngest of 5 children and really has no concept of what happens on her birthday, let alone *when* it actually is, we did in fact celebrate her birthday, on her birthday, complete with cake & ice cream. We may have skipped the whole going out for dinner part, but she didn’t seem to mind, and really, it’s not my fault that she chose to have her birthday on Wednesday when Amata had dance. I even had all of her gifts purchased before hand…granted it was the night before, but still before. And, as a matter of fact, I actually bought the cake 4 whole days before her birthday!

Lucky for Baylee, she had lots of help opening her gifts from her older brother & sister!

She changed into her new Barbie cheerleader outfit before enjoying her cake.

And, of course, Amata & Caleb also had to blow out the candles.
We were not prepared enough to have remembered to get extra Schwan's ice cream, so we had to make do with Kemps. Chris has gotten really picky about that!
Notice how excited the teenager is…as usual!