Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Happy Birthday, Amata Lynn!

It was Amata's birthday on Saturday, and she turned 3. So now I can no longer say that 3 of my children are under 3. Her birthday landed on the city-wide garage sale, so we didn't do cake of gifts until later in the afternoon. We also didn't go out to eat because both Caleb & Baylee were sporting runny noses & watery eyes. So, she had to settle for take out from Dairy Queen.

Chris & the boys had picked out a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting for her, but then we discovered we were out of candles(even though I KNOW we had several left after Cameron's birthday). She was not liking having to wait until they got home before we could have cake.

Having to wait to open her presents until they got back was also tough. That was probably the longest 15 minutes of her life!

But finally it was time. She seemed to love all of her gifts.

She enjoyed her new book from Nana. She sat down in her new Tinkerbell chair to read it.

Dolls are always a hit. Notice that she made sure to put her new baby next to her in her new chair before she opened the rest of her gifts.

She was a little upset that it was raining out, and the garage was still full, so she couldn't ride her "icicle" that day.
She was also pretty mad that her brother kept teasing her & trying to ride her "icicle" before she got to.
She did try to ride it a little bit in the house, but it's kind of hard to peddle with heels on!

I think her favorite gifts were the dress up set & shoes. She is female, after all, and she LOVES to wear "pretties".

Tyler like her dress up set, too.

After gifts she enjoyed her cake & ice cream, as did the rest of us.

After that she just played more dress up.

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