Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Not so cool after all

About a year ago or so, Chris & I started doing a monthly night out with Tyler & Cameron. To give them some special, alone time with one of us. Especially since at the time, we had a very challenging foster child, in addition to a newborn & an 11 month old & a two year old. It's gone pretty well so far, we have had to reschedule at times, but they have each gotten to go out every month.

This month it was my turn to go out with Tyler. But it ended up being a very busy month, with school starting, football season, soccer, and me having to attend both council meetings to finalize the 09 budget, so we did not get to go on our usual 2nd Monday of the month. We were having a hard time fitting it in. But on Wednesdays, there is no football practice, and Chris said he would take Amata to dance if Tyler & I wanted to go out that night.

Tyler had mentioned that he wanted to go bowling, so when I picked them up from school, I told him that if he wanted to call & make sure there was open bowling, we could go that night when I got home from work... on the ONLY night of the week he doesn't have football practice of a game. His response?? "Tonight? But a bunch of us were going to go up to the park & play some football."


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