Monday, September 8, 2008

Reserved Parking

While I was shopping last weekend, with Baylee & Caleb - alone with them, I happened to notice some of the reserved parking signs. There have always been handicapped parking, of course, which I'm fine with, although, at times, I do wonder why there needs to be 345 handicapped parking spaces at Wal-Mart. Then there are the "Reserved for Senior Citizens", which are okay, although sometimes questionable; I mean, I can see that a 90 year old may need to park closer than me, but chances are they would already have a disability parking certificate. And there is always the question of what age constitutes a senior citizen in that case.

But I think the signs that get me every time are the "Reserved for Expectant Mothers" sign. I mean, really? When I was pregnant, I was told walking was good for me. In fact, when I was pregnant with Tyler, I waited tables until 5 days before he was born. With Cameron, I also had a job where I was on my feet all day, although I admit I didn't have to do much walking. I understand if it is a difficult pregnancy, or something, but in that case, again, they could get a temporary disability parking certificate. But, seriously, wouldn't it make more sense to have reserved parking for current mothers? I personally found it much harder to walk very far with children in my arms versus a child in my belly.


The Brown Gang said...

The Rainbow Foods in the Twin Cities has parking for parents with children. It was the best thing since slice bread, having 2 kids and the cart full of groceries, it was nice to park in front. I use to get mad when some random yuppie would park their sports car there to run in and I had to park waaaay back, I made sure to let them know what an inconvience it was to me!
You work for the city, I think you should fight for your parent sign :)

Trish said...

Our stores here have those reserved parking spots too- except they say for mothers to be & parents with infants. There is also a grocery store chain that says "shoppers with children".