Monday, September 8, 2008

Escape Artist

He may look cute & sweet, but inside this little guy is a little escape artist!

While Chris took the older kids camping Labor Day weekend, I decided to take Baylee & Caleb shopping...don't ask my why, I guess I am just a glutton for punishment!

One of the stores we went to was Once Upon A Child. I specifically picked this store because inside, they have an enclosed play area for the kids. The walls are at least 3 feet high, and there is no door. It is a pretty small store, square foot wise, so you can always heare them playing...or crying. The theory is that you can place your kids in there to play while you shop & not have to worry about them getting out. But they haven't met my kids.

I was looking at clothes for Amata & I could hear kids playing, so I wasn't very concerned about them. When all of the sudden I looked up and saw Caleb walking towards me with a big bag of super-hero's in his hand! I really have to hand it to Caleb. I have at one time or another placed each one of my children in that play area. And at times they have cried or whined, but nobody has ever gotten out before.

That Caleb's a real over-achiever sometimes...especially when there is a bag of toys to nab!

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