Thursday, September 25, 2008

Ready or not....

As I've mentioned, I decided several months ago that I was ready for a job change. So, Chris & I have both been looking for a job, and whoever found something first would be going to work & the other would stay home with the daycare.

Chris has accepted a job offer as a store manager for Dollar General, which means that as of October 13th, I will be doing daycare. Even though from the beginning, I have said that I was ready to stay home for a while, I am now starting to feel a little bit nervous. Because change it always hard & you just never know how things will turn out.

Now I keep thinking am I an idiot giving up a good job with the City just because I'm tired of dealing with the crap that goes along with it? I sure hope not. My former supervisor (the one who left her job with this city in May) keeps assuring me that even though there are a lot of nice benefits with working here, it just isn't worth the stress. And I do agree. That's why I started looking in the first place. I didn't want to continue being away from my kids all day to go to a place where I was miserable.

So wish me luck. I will soon be home, with about 10 pre-school & toddler children everyday. If I end up in an insane asylum, you'll know why!


Amy said...

Good luck! Finding peace within a workplace can be hard. Good for you making a change!

Robert said...

So how is the Dollar General job going? Curious minds want to know!