Wednesday, September 10, 2008

One more nice thing...

One more nice thing about living in a small town is that if it is starting to rain when football practice is over and you don't notice, somebody else will give your son a ride. For that matter, even if it's not raining, but you are just too lazy to drive the mile to the field at 5ish to pick him up, somebody else will still probably give your son a ride home.

I might feel worse about this, but last year, the league Tyler was in did not bus the kids to games. Normally the games were on Saturday, but a playoff game was on a school night in a town an hour away which made it pretty tough for a lot of parents. So I went without Chris & the kids and gave 6 other kids a ride to that game. And I took them to McDonalds for a late dinner and bought them all hot chocolate because it was freezing out that night. I figure that good deed should get me through at least the rest of this season, right?

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