Friday, September 26, 2008


Cameron is not quite as into sports as Tyler is. In fact, the only sport he does take part in is soccer. It kind of bums me out, though, because in our area, soccer is not offered through school, so after they hit about 12, they're pretty much done.

Cameron's team was pretty good, this year. They were undefeated, and in fact they only had one goal scored against them all season, and that happened in the very last game.

He had to behave, though, because I heard his coach was really tough!

This was actually Chris' first time coaching. We usually use the babies as an excuse, but they were really unfair about it this year. The guy who was calling to find people to coach happens to be the same guy who coached Tyler's baseball team the first half of the summer. It's kind of hard to say, well, thanks for coaching my kid for the last 2 months, but I really don't feel like coaching soccer for you! They all had a good time, so it worked out well.

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