Monday, September 22, 2008

Would it kill him to smile?

Tyler brought home his football pictures on Friday.

I just don't get why they refuse to smile in sports pictures??
(Pay no attention to the dirty socks. Tyler is in charge of his own laundry, so I have no control over dirty socks. According to him I should just buy him black socks and then you wouldn't know how dirty they are)

The first game of the season was pretty rocky, as even though the rules say there is supposed to be equal playing time for all kids in 7th & 8th grade sports, he only played about 5 minutes of that game. However, since then, he has gotten to play much more. His only complaint is that when he plays offense, on a passing play the QB always throws the ball to another kid. Keep in mind that Tyler is about the 2nd shortest kid on the team, so in defense of the QB, there's a good chance that he doesn't even see Tyler!

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The Brown Gang said...

Doug is getting his football pictures done today, I have no idea if he smiled or not, but I can tell you the no smile thingy is to look tough :/