Monday, September 1, 2008


A couple of weeks ago, our town had their annual celebration, complete with a "carnival" (if you consider 8-9 rides a 3 games a carnival), a parade & food. And no matter how much I do not like "Carnies", it's kind of a requirement to partake in the celebration. So every year I buy ride tickets and we go & try to use them all.

We headed down right away the first night because Chris & Tyler were going to be gone the rest of the weekend. The park is only about 8 blocks from our house, so we decided to just walk down. We planned to start with dinner, but unfortunately, Caleb couldn't quite make it.

The nice thing about it is that almost all of the food is at booths put on by local church's & youth groups, so you don't end up paying normal fair prices. We fed our whole crew a hot dog or brat, chips, a cookie & a 20 oz bottle of pop for just over $20. We can't even do that at McDonalds (and certainly not Subway).

Then, we headed over to the rides. The ride tickets are MUCH cheaper if you buy them in advance. So I asked both the boys how many tickets they wanted, and the each stated they wanted a full strip. However, when we got to the rides, Tyler decided he "wasn't in the mood" to go on rides and didn't use a single ticket. I was not happy. Sure the other kids managed to use them, but I wouldn't have bought them in the first place if I knew he wasn't going to ride. I think one strip of tickets each is plenty.

Besides, since he wasn't going to use any of his, that meant that I had to take the other kids back the next my self! That was not in the plan! There was one positive, however. Caleb was not in the mood for rides, either, after his snooze on the first day, but he was a little more daring on the second day. Cameron was a real trooper, he went on the rides with Caleb & Amata

...including the slide that Amata was addicted to. She must have went down that 10 times...and there is no escalator to the top, either; you have to walk up all of the steps every single time!

Caleb tried the slide, too. He thought it was okay, but he wasn't nearly impressed with it as Amata.

Cameron & Amata even tried the octopus...Cameron really liked that one, Amata didn't like it as much.

Caleb's favorite ride was the helicopter.

They got brave the second day & enjoyed some of the rides by themselves.

The last day we enjoyed the parade. We sat on a block that didn't have many people (as it was not in the shade...) so the kids got a ton of candy.

Baylee even got to enjoy her first sucker at the parade.

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Trish said...

what fun! :) Raegan has the same outfit as Baylee. I love those little onsies outfits/dresses! :)