Monday, June 2, 2008

It Never Fails

We had an out of town wedding this weekend. I am seriously not exaggerating when I say then every time we stay somewhere overnight one of our kids ends up sick, either colds, ear aches, stomach aches, diarrhea, you name it, we've had it.

We thought we were prepared this time, we even got 2 hotel rooms so that Caleb & Baylee would have separate rooms & not keep each other awake and I remembered the baby Tylenol and ear numbing drops. We made it through the wedding just fine, and dinner. Caleb started to get a little crabby at the reception, but we just figured he was tired.

After dinner, the older boys & Amata went to check out the pool while Caleb & Baylee took a quick snooze. Chris brought Amata back for the dance (pictures of that coming soon) and took Caleb up to the room that the older boys were in. (Cameron also claimed he didn't feel well, but I think it was more a matter of he & Tyler wanting to hang out in the room.) Chris did come down to the reception a couple of times, but for the most part, he also ended up spending most of the evening in the room with Caleb.

Us girls, however, were the party animals. We stayed at the reception until 10:15! (Sad, but true, 10:15 really is a late night for me.) Within a half an hour of getting to the "girls" room, both Amata & Baylee were asleep. Baylee did wake up again around 1, but I just brought her to be with Amata & I and we all slept until after 7. Chris brought Caleb over to our room shortly after so he didn't wake up the boys. I guess Caleb hadn't slept well all night. (Boy, was I glad I got to sleep in the girl's room!)

The drive home was about 3 hours long, although we did stop on the way to see Jared (the last foster child we had who is in a group home for now). Caleb was pretty crabby for the whole ride, and during lunch at Pizza Hut with Jared. I felt kind of bad since we didn't spend a lot of time with Jared because of that, we were back on the road within about 1 1/2 hours. I did tell Jared we would try to go up again soon and spend more time there.

He was still crabby when we got home, he would tug at his ear a little, but we weren't sure if that was just because he had been laying on that ear. He also had his finger in his mouth constantly, so we thought maybe it was a tooth. I tried to put some Ambesol on it, but he bit me! So, instead, I put the Ambesol on his finger since it was always in his mouth anyway.

We thought we were going to be in for a rough night, but it actually wasn't too bad. I sat up with him until about 11, but then once he was snoring & I laid him in his bed he actually slept through the night. But he was still crabby this morning so I took him into the doctor. Because he's been so crabby, he screamed while we were in the office. It was really hard to tell if his ears were infected since they were red from his screaming! But she said there was some reflux she should have seen that wasn't there, so she was pretty sure it was infected.

Last time he had an ear infection, he got a rash from the Amoxicillin, so she decided to try something else. I'm hoping it is just a coincidence, because I noticed when I changed his diaper it looked like there might be another rash starting. I'm going to give it until tomorrow to see if it gets any worse. I really don't know what they do if he ends up allergic to penicillin. I've never actually had a child allergic to anything before.

But I'm trying to think positively. He was still pretty crabby tonight even after he had his first dose around 11 this morning, but hopefully by tomorrow he will feel much better, and hopefully there will be no rash!

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Trish said...

Poor thing! I hope Caleb is feelin better today! :) Luckily, if it turns out he is allergic to Penicillin, there are many newer antibiotics out that are not in the same family. Can't wait to see the pics of Amata dancing!