Thursday, June 5, 2008

Poor little guy

When my kids are not feeling well, I tend to be a little more lenient on what they eat or if they want their ni-night blankies or bears with them all day long. I figure, if they feel like crap, they should be able to eat what sounds good to them & lay down watching TV all day if that's what they want. (Luckily, none of them have asked for candy all day when their sick, because I think I might have to veto that one).

Since Caleb had a reaction to amoxicillin last time, the doctor put him on a different antibiotic this time, which did not seem to work quite as fast. Usually as soon as they've had a days worth of amoxicillin, they are already feeling better. The stuff she gave him this time was some white medicine that smells like grape, but I really have no clue what it's called. I never bothered to look, because I'm a good mom like that & pay absolutely no attention to what I'm putting in their bodies (At least I paid enough attention to know it smelled like grape, right?).

This stuff took a little longer to kick in, so we had 2 1/2 really bad days when Caleb would hardly eat anything. He didn't even drink much milk, unless we put it in a baby bottle, which I totally did because he just looked to pathetic I just couldn't make him drink it from his cup. We still tried to give him dinner, but he just didn't have much interest...except for the Natural Cheetos. He ate those almost exclusively for 2 days. I don't feel too bad, though, because they were NATURAL Cheetos - no artificial colors or flavors, and I think they are even baked, so they are totally healthy.

It was nice to see, though, that although he was still not feeling up to par, he did still have occasional bursts of energy which he typically used to tease his sister. These are her shorts that I wouldn't let her wear because she was supposed to be getting her PJs on.

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trish said...

he's such a little cutie!