Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Party Girl

Amata was very excited about going to the wedding & reception. She wanted to see the Princess and she wanted to go to the party & dance. This little girl LOVES to dance!

She was a little disappointed at the wedding because the princess was so far away. But, at the reception, she got to see her up close. When the bride walked to the other side of the entry, Amata was frantically trying to see where she went so she could continue to stare at the Princess. However, I did not have the camera just then, so I don't even have a decent picture of the bride (Sorry Chelsea!)

She had her "dancing dress" on through dinner, but after she went swimming, she put on her shorts instead. But I think she's pretty cute no matter what she's wearing.

Amata really enjoyed the Hokey Pokey & the chicken dance, she wasn't half bad at them either, considering she had never seen those dances before.

For some reason, she was a little shy with the Bride Princess, because she didn't try to dance with her at all. But she did manage to dance with the Princesses in the blue dresses. (Thank you, Joan & Darcie!)
She also got to dance with the Prince (aka the groom) so she was in 7th heaven!
The first time she danced with the groom everyone was just on the dance floor in a circle around the groom.
The second time was during the dollar dance. However, Chris was back in the room & I didn't have any cash with me. So my sisters & I told her to go ask grandpa for a dollar. I can't tell you how upset I was that I didn't have the camera ready at this time. Amata walked over to grandpa, held out her hand & said, "Grandpa, I need a dollar." How could anyone refuse those big brown eyes?

If you look close, you can see the back of the bride in that picture. Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures of the front of her!

After the dollar dance, she still had plenty of energy! She was dancing with one of the Princesses and wore her out (this particular princess runs marathons!), so that princess recruited a handsome little blond boy to dance with.
Amata managed to wear him out, too, so Auntie Meggie danced with her for a little while.
It is possible that she had a little extra energy from the 4 boxes of candy she stole from other tables. If you look close, the 4 empty boxed are sitting on the chair in between her legs.
She did sit down and talk to grandpa for a while, however, with the music, her 3 year old vocabulary and her soft voice I'm pretty sure he didn't catch the majority of what she was saying. Luckily, that didn't concern her at all.(Ironically, her voice is only that soft when she is talking to somebody, otherwise, she tends to have a very loud voice when she is singing or playing)
Baylee had fun too, she especially enjoyed the YMCA dance. She also enjoyed hanging out with Auntie Marnee.
Caleb had fun playing ball during dinner. He wasn't so impressed with Auntie Meggie's catching ability, though (Love ya, Meg) but luckily Tyler & Cameron went over to help her out.
Maybe "helping" isn't quite the right word.
However, shortly after dinner, he wasn't enjoying it so much, and went to the room shortly after this picture.
Once the girls got back to the room, Amata crashed within about 30 seconds of laying her head down. All that partying really wears a girl out!

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Trish said...

Amata is a little ball of energy isn't she? haha! Very cute pictures!