Friday, June 13, 2008

I am now "Mom"

I went home for lunch today & when I walked in the door, Tyler said, "Hi Mom."

That might sound normal to most people, but until now, he has always referred to me as "mommy". I realize he is probably getting a little old for that, but with the babies around we have still just always been referred to as mommy & daddy.

So, I said, "Hi, son."

And he said, "No, that's what I'm going to call you from now on."

I knew this day was coming, really I did. To be honest, I thought it would have come before now, although I did hear one of his friends refer to his mom as "mommy" within the last year, too, so I wasn't going to push it. But now that it's hear, it makes him seem so much older. (Which some might say means I would seem older, too, and I'm not ready for that yet.)

I'm sure, now, that Cameron will start calling me "mom", too.

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Trish said...

awww! Your little guy is growing up. I am hoping to have Raegan call me mama, and that often sticks (my friend is 28 and still calls her mom "mama").