Thursday, June 12, 2008

Big Time Brownie Points

I was in Rochester today at a seminar, which meant I was also in a larger town that had a mall, a Saver's, a Toy R Us, and, I was told, another upscale consignment store and I didn't have any kids with me!

Normally, this would mean I would get to do some shopping while I was there. Shopping ALL BY MYSELF! I rarely get to go shopping by myself, unless you mean grocery shopping at WalMart, and even then I usually have at least one with me.

However, it was Thursday, which meant Tyler had a baseball game at 6. Plus, the interstate was closed (some silly reason like the road being under water - really, that's what the sign said.), so I had to take a detour, which meant a longer drive.

It was a tough decision, but in the end I only went to one store (Saver's...the store that started my obsession with thrift & consignment stores almost 14 years ago) and only shopped for 45 minutes - I could easily spend an hour & a half or more at Saver's. With the detour, I made it to the baseball field with 5 whole minutes to spare. Maybe someday Tyler will appreciate the sacrifices I make for him.

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