Monday, June 30, 2008


We decided to park our camper at a seasonal site this year, because we get bad enough gas mileage in the Suburban (the one vehicle we can all fit in) without towing a camper besides. When we went on vacation last year and towed the camper with Chris' pretty red truck we got a whopping 6 miles per gallon!

When we chose the camp site this year, we based it on 2 very important factors. One was of course the price. The other reason was...

It has a baby pool!

That means they can actually touch and we don't have to carry Amata & Caleb around the pool the whole time they're swimming. So Baylee and I can just sit on the side and watch them swim.

It is also close enough to the big pool that they can chat with the boys while they're swimming.

Caleb also found a friend at the pool.

Because anybody who will play catch with Caleb is his friend. I'd feel bad for the kid, as Caleb still needs to work on his aim a little, but, then again, we did bring the ball & fish the kid was playing with, so it's all fair.

Oh, the boys enjoyed the big pool, too, so that was a plus.

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