Friday, June 27, 2008


Do you ever remember playing the card game "Snap"? It's a fun, easy game to play with kids. Amata has "Princess Snap" which is the same game, but instead of regular cards, these cards have princesses on them. She loves that game...because, hello, it has the word princess in it! And Amata is a princess...if you didn't know, just ask her, she'll tell you.

(Chris accidentally called Baylee princess once. Amata informed him that Baylee was not a princess, Amata was. So, to avoid conflict, we've been calling Baylee Precious, instead.)

The only problem with the snap game is that although Amata loves to look at all of the princess pictures, she doesn't really understand the concept of the game. When 2 of the same card are played back to back, the first person to yell "Snap" gets the pile of cards. We played it correctly the first couple of rounds, and then we tried to get her to do it. Tyler was helping her, but whenever it was time to yell it, Tyler would say, "Amata, yell snap" and she would say, "you did". After some more coxing, she did whisper "snap" a couple of times, but she obviously needs a little more practice.
In the end, even if she didn't quite get the concept of the game, good fun was had by all!


Amy said...

This looks like lots of fun! We play some very silly made up card games sometimes!

Trish said...

looks like fun!