Wednesday, June 25, 2008

It's a Home Run

After starting their season with 2 very close losses, Tyler's baseball team seems to have found their groove, and have won the last 3. Tyler, himself, also seems to have improved his hitting quite a bit. Last year he was okay, but he struck out quite a bit This year I think he has only struck out twice. He's had several walks and a few hits.

In his last game he actually got a home-run! Okay, so maybe if they were actually "scoring" it like they do in the big leagues, they may not have actually recorded it as a home run, it may have been more of a double with a couple of defensive errors and a pretty impressive slide at home plate...but when you are 12 and you make it around to home plate on your's a home run!

Unfortunately, I have not pictures to share of this momentous event since I forgot to bring the camera!


Trish said...

way to go Tyler!

Amy said...

Great Job! Hey, it sounds like a HOME RUN in my book!