Friday, June 27, 2008


I have been noticing that a lot of my posts are about & have pictures of my 3 youngest children.

I always try to be pretty fair with my kids...sometimes I try too hard. Like when I was shopping yesterday and found some great clearance sales on clothes for next year for the 3 babies. Even though Tyler & Cameron don't need any clothes, and I have tried to stop picking out their clothes (apparently, 10 & 12 year old boys have slightly different tastes in clothing than their 30 something mom) I still bought a t-shirt for each of them so they didn't feel left out.

For me,this is the hardest balance especially since I have some biological & some adopted children. I am always afraid one will think I like the other ones more, which is not the case at all. I think I may try to be too fair, though, because now Tyler seems to be of the opinion that everything between Cameron and him should be the same, even though they are over 2 years apart. Last night, he even thought he should get to stay up as late as he wanted because Cameron was at a sleep over so he would probably be up past mid-night - that would still be a no.

But as far as the blog goes, there are several reasons why there aren't as many posts & pictures of Tyler & Cameron. First, just from the age standpoint, children under 3 tend to do more cute/funny things than pre-teens do. But I think even a bigger reason is they don't like to have their picture taken as often. Cameron's not so bad...
...but getting decent pictures of Tyler is a challenge. Just look, it takes both Cameron & Amata to make Tyler look up to have his picture taken.


Trish said...

getting pre-teens to stand and have the picture taken is hard work! But I know from the little I have read that all your kids are treated fairly and loved much.

Amy said...

First of all ... life is not fair! But really it sounds like you are doing great. I do understand your concern, we have five children and sometimes it just is not fair BUT in the long run it all works out! I feel most guilty about the amount of time I spend with each, obviously they all need mommy time, even the teens!