Monday, June 23, 2008

First Word

I mentioned before, Caleb does not speak yet. So the school has started working with him, and there has been some improvement. We have started to hear some letter sounds. Last night we think we heard his first word.

While the first word for many children I think is usually bye, or dada, or mama, something along that line. Not Caleb. His first word is "ball". This is not actually that unusual considering Caleb. He loves balls. Seriously, I think he might end up being a baseball pitcher when he grows up. We have to get some of it on video, because at 1 1/2, this boy even has a wind-up already.

Although he is usually very shy, if you are willing to play ball with him for twenty minutes or so, he just might warm up to you. That is usually what the teacher's from the school have to do to get him to work with them.

And to be honest, I really don't care what the first word is, I'm just glad we finally have one! Baylee had actually already passed him since she does say dada...although she is not actually referencing Chris when she says it.

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Trish said...

yay! How exciting that he is starting to talk! That's wonderful news!