Wednesday, August 13, 2008

She's how old?

This picture was taken of Amata last summer while we were on vacation, when she was only 2. I've always liked it because it clearly shows what an attitude this girl has...and again, she was only 2 at the time!

I really can't remember what brought on this particular pose, but it must have been bad.

Fast forward to dinner last night. We ended up going to the DQ because it was soccer night, plus another mandatory school meeting, this time for Cameron beginning band. While we were ordering she decided that she needed a purple drink with her meal. Not grape, purple, just in case there was any confusion. Lucky for her, you can get an Arctic Rush with their kids meals, so I got her the purple drink.

While we were eating, Chris looked over at her and asked if her purple drink was good. (I know, how dare he?) Amata looked up at him, rolled her eyes, and said, literally, with a big breath, like how could he even bother her to ask that, "Ah, yeah, it's yummy in my tummy."

If the attitude wasn't bad enough, the girl seems to have a special talent fibbing. She slapped Chris' leg and when he told her not to hit, she informed him that she didn't hit him, she was just giving him "5" on his leg.

This is on top of the fact that we can no longer trust her when she says she went to the bathroom on the potty. Because we give out candy for that....and Amata likes candy. So now, 2 phrases that we hear often at our house are, "Wanna come see my poop?" and "Wanna come hear me pee?" I totally wish I was making that up, but it is true. She had been going into the bathroom, hanging out, playing in the sink or doing whatever, except going potty on the toilet, and then coming downstairs saying that she pooped in the potty and needed a candy...despite the fact that her Pull-Up was wet, so obviously she didn't make in to the potty.

I am so not looking forward the the teenage years with that girl!

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The Brown Gang said...

OMG! That is soo funny, she is adorable and yes you have your hands full when she gets older :)