Tuesday, August 12, 2008

So Young...

One of the things we had going on last week was to take Tyler to a mandatory meeting for any student taking part in extra curricular activities who are 7th Grade or older. Of course this meeting was at 7, and Cameron had soccer practice until 7 for which Chris is the coach. So on the way to the meeting, we had to drop the babies off at the practice. And of course I was running late, so I literally plopped them down at the edge of the field & told them to wait there for Chris. They must have even listened okay because they all made it home - that's always a bonus.

I found it pretty sad that we had to go to this meeting, given that Tyler is only 12 years old. The gist of the meeting was that if they were caught drinking, smoking or doing drugs, or if they were in possession of any alcohol, cigarette's or drugs they would be suspended from their activity for anywhere from 2 weeks to year. I realize that it is necessary, since there are children that young who do use controlled substances. I just think it is really sad. Where are those kids' parents? I can guarantee you that Tyler has not partaken in any of that, since I seriously know where he is & who he is with at all times.

Unfortunately, given that we have been doing foster care for the last 6 years, I am well aware where some of their parents are! I just never understand why these people even have kids and if they insist on having them, why do the keep them...there are plenty of people who would love to adopt them and give them a good home! It's just frustrating. No matter how long we do foster care, that is one thing I will never understand.

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