Sunday, August 17, 2008

Mind your business...

Chris & Tyler are in Michigan for the weekend, so it was just me, Cameron & all of the babies. And, as I alluded to a few days ago, we needed food. Big time. I figured it was also probably about time to get Cameron's school supplies, so off to WalMart we went. And I felt I was pretty prepared, too, since I knew this would not be a quick trip. I fed them before hand, had an extra bottle for Baylee, drinks.

They all did pretty well, too. The main difficulty lately, however, is that for some reason at this WalMart, I can never find those carts that have 2 seats for toddler size kids. And believe me, I've looked. I case the parking lot to see if there are any in the cart coral's and I check both entrances, but there are none. Was there some recall that I don't know about?? Luckily, I did have Cameron with, so I took the cart with Baylee & Caleb, and he took the cart with Amata.

Like I said, they all did great. Until we got to the check-out when Baylee decided to poop. I did make her wait until I finished checking out, but since it is a half hour from our house, I did have to change her before we could leave. So I pushed the carts over to the side and asked Cameron to watch Caleb & Amata while I changed Baylee.

When I got back, Amata was of course not standing by Cameron, so I told her to get over by the cart, and Cameron was picking up Caleb. A lady was standing near him and said "be careful with him". Amata looked at her and said "Are you the cops?" I tried not to laugh. I said, "no, honey, she's the boss," because she appeared to be a supervisor of some sort, or maybe a trainer for a cashier. She replied that he almost fell out, trying to give me a scowl, because I guess I didn't appear concerned enough. (Okay, at all, he didn't fall, did he?)

It has always been a pet peeve of mine when people who do not know me or my children try to judge me because I am not usually a worrier. Kids get bumps & bruises, it's part of life. Caleb is my forth child. The three that are older than him are all still alive, and there've been no major injuries, so I think I've done okay. It's not like I left him alone, Cameron in 10, and is perfectly capable of keeping an eye on Caleb for the 2 minutes it took me to change Baylee. And he didn't fall out of the cart, because Cameron was there to grab him. As it was, he had climbed halfway out of the cart 2 other times and looked like he would have landed feet first if I hadn't grabbed him. And besides, if they had the carts I was looking for, I would have been able to strap him into the seat. There is only so much I can do with 3 kids who need a cart and only 2 people to push those carts.

I probably could have let Amata or Caleb walk, but I have a feeling they wouldn't have liked that, either. Neither of them are the type to just walk nicely and stay next to me without touching anything.

This happened another time to me at a WalMart, which is disappointing because it is one of my favorite stores. (Say what you will about WalMart, but it is the only store around here that I can get everything I need in one spot, because with car seats and all, the fewer car rides the better)

That time it was a customer who was worried because Tyler had Caleb up on his shoulders. At the time, Caleb was about 12 months old and she looked up at him and then to me and said "That's pretty high." I was pretty proud of myself for not responding, I just smiled & kept walking. Pretty high, really??? You'd understand if you've seen my family. I am 5' 2 1/2", Chris is maybe 5' 10", none of us are really very high.

Oh, well. What can you do? We all made it in and out of WalMart safely, and we now have food in our house, so all is good.

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