Wednesday, August 20, 2008

He sure seems to have a big mouth.

For the past several years, every time I take Tyler to the dentist the dentist calls me into the room and says that he's concerned about the lack of space for Tyler's permanent teeth to come in. As the dentist put it, "He's got Cadillac teeth in a Volkswagen garage."

He kept recommending that we take him to a consultation with an orthodontist. We've always known that Cameron was going to end up needing braces, but not Tyler. He's always had such nice, big, strait teeth. But since the consultation was free, I did finally make an appointment for him. The orthodontist basically said there definitely is a spacing issue on the top, and the next step would be 360 degree x-rays, which cost around $350.00. I told them we'd have to think about it and never went back.

Then, every time I take Tyler to the dentist, he'd always ask when I was going to follow up with the Orthodontist. I finally tried to nicely tell him we decided not to go any further with that. I just cannot justify paying over $5000.00 for braces on teeth that are strait. I realize that if there is not enough space they may become crooked, but really we were just talking about his eye teeth, and I still cannot justify that kind of money for 2 teeth.

Luckily, the dentist did accept our decision and told me that he would then recommend pulling 2 teeth on the top to make room for the eye teeth. That, I can handle. Because that is something insurance will least 80% of it. But seriously, look at these nice teeth....could you really justify braces for them??? (This was taken after the teeth were pulled, so as you can see, he now has plenty of room for those eye teeth.)

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Trish said...

I agree- no need for braces! I wish my teeth were that straight!