Thursday, August 21, 2008

No TV Needed

Chris & I have been having discussions lately about the TV in our living room. We went for several years without having a TV at all in there, but as the boys have gotten older, and we've had more kids, I finally caved & we put a TV in there. But I wanted a nice TV, not some big huge thing that becomes the focal point of the room, so we got a flat LCD TV that I think looks nice in there. Granted, it is not a high-def TV (I don't think) which bothers Chris a whole lot more than it bothers me. Especially since we have a high def TV in the downstairs family room, so if he feels the need to watch football in high-def, he still can.

A month or two ago, though, there was a minor mishap. I think I have mentioned before that Caleb LOVES balls. And he loves to throw balls. And one day he threw a baseball and hit that TV. Personally, I don't think it's as bad as it could have been. It apparently broke the crystals where it hit, so there is an outline of a circle about the size of a nickel. And for some reason, it has spread some, so there is a thin black line that's a few inches long. Personally, it doesn't really bother me much. You can still see the program that's on, and the black hole is small enough that it doesn't cover up anything important.

It does, however, really bother Chris. He wants to move the big TV from downstairs up into the living room, and move this one downstairs for the kids to use. Or he wants to buy a new one. I don't care for either of those options. At least until enough crystals turn black to really affect the TV, I just want to leave it as is.

Besides that, Chris has been starting to get a saltwater fist tank set up again. (Long story short, Amata decided to feed the fishies in his last saltwater tank and dumped the whole can of food in...oops!) He finally got it to the point where he can start adding fish, so he bought a clown fish (aka Nemo) the other night. So, really, as far as Amata & Caleb are concerned, why do we even need a TV?...

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Amy said...

I agree with you -- we do have a TV but it is rarely on! And honestly it is NOT missed very much. Fish tanks are great!