Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wish Me Luck

I have vented here a few times about my job & my co-workers. I have a good job & great benefits, it's only a mile away from my house and I always thought I would stay here until I retire. But the last several months, I just haven't liked coming to work very much. I start getting kind of crabby on Sunday night when I think about having to go to work in the morning. Which made me realize that it might not be worth it. What good is being close to home when I'm crabby towards my family because I don't want to go to work?

First, Chris was going to try to find a job in IT, which he is currently enrolled in at school. But he isn't far enough in his studies to qualify for most of the jobs he wanted. So, we decided that we would both start looking and whoever found something they liked first would go to work, and the other would stay home with the daycare.

We are not willing to rush into anything, though. I'm not at a point yet where I need to get out of here now or anything. But I do have an interview lined up for Friday, so wish me luck! I haven't been on an interview in over 7 years, so I'm a little nervous!

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