Friday, July 25, 2008

Still Adjusting

Amata, being half Hispanic with a little bit of Native American in her, has always had a lot of hair! Beautiful, thick, dark brown hair with some black mixed in. She has also, however, despised having her hair done. No pony tails, no braids, no barrettes, nothing. Just brushing it alone was an ordeal for this girl.

She may have always been like that, but part of me thinks it may stem from a visit she had with her biological mother shortly after she was placed with us when she was 5 months old. Her bio-mom decided she wanted to put little pig tails in her hair. Very tight little pig tails. Now, when my mom used to do mine or my sister's hair, it was usually pretty tight, tight enough that we almost got the slanty/Chinese eyes from it. Amata's pig tails were tighter than that! She seriously cried during the whole visit because of it. Now, I'm not one to judge (ha, ha) but I just think if I only had an hour long visit with my infant child, I would not waste it putting in pig tails that made her cry. When the bio-mom left, she seriously did not even get to her car before Chris had the scissors out cutting the rubber bands out of her hair.

Because of hatred of having her hair done, we have been forced to cut her beautiful hair. Since I have always had boys, I always thought that when I had a girl, I'd never cut her hair. And I still don't like to. Up until now, we had always had the bangs trimmed and tried to leave the rest a little longer. But now that it's summer and she loves to go swimming play outside, I finally acknowledged that it was time to cut it. It was still out of protest, though.

I will admit it doesn't look bad, but I am still adjusting to it. At least she isn't due for pictures for another several months, so there is time for it to grow.


Trish said...

Amata's hair does look cute, but I am with you in liking little girls to have their hair longer. That said, it isn't such a bad thing to have it done shorter in the summer months. My friends who adopted their foster children also went through an issue with hair and the bio-mom of their oldest. When the girl was just 3, the bio-mom decided that she should have braids, the kind that require extensions. Not only did it look a bit too grown up for her, but it was pretty heavy for her little head as well. She used to cry everytime they had to get the braids done. The good news is that now she is going to high school and she loves having her hair done. So there is hope for Amata yet!

Amy said...

She is beautiful ... my girls always opted to have their hair shorter until they were old enough to care for it themselves ... now it is long. But I just posted about my hubbies and my little guys new hair dos ... it can be hard to let go!