Tuesday, July 22, 2008

All Blue Cleats are not the Same

From the Cities, we went to our camper, where all of us stayed the night. However, after 3 nights at my mom's & another in the camper, Caleb & Baylee were ready for their own beds. So I took them back to the house & Chris, Tyler, Cameron & Amata stayed at the camper for a couple more days. It worked out well. It is amazing how much easier the babies are when you just have the 2 of them!

Tyler had his baseball tournament at the end of our vacation, and they did great. My mom & grandma came down to see it. Do you want to see my pictures of that? Oh, wait, I didn't take the camera out again. I'm sensing a pattern there. I think I have a tendency to forget the camera when my mom is around because she was not usually one to remember the camera, either. At least that's the story I'm sticking with. Sorry, mom, I'll have to make an extra effort to remember the camera next time!

Tyler's team won all 3 games at the tournament. I think the new cleats must have made the difference. The first day at the camper, he had a game not far from there, so he had all of his baseball equipment at the camper. When they came home, however, he managed to remember to bring all of his baseball stuff back with him EXCEPT his cleats.

Now before I tell you about his new cleats, I have to tell you about a shopping trip several weeks earlier. We were at the Nike outlet store, and Tyler found a pair of baseball cleats that were navy with (he claims) some gold on them, but they were a size 6 1/2. Tyler takes after his father with small feet, so right now he wears a 5. I said I wouldn't buy them because they were way too big. He said that they'd be perfect for him next year, but I wasn't convinced. I told him that he could buy them if he wanted, and then if they did fit him next year, I would reimburse him for them. Unfortunately, Tyler has a very hard time not spending all of his money, so he wasn't able to buy them. And, of course, that meant we had to pout about it most of the way home.

So, back to forgetting his cleats at the camper. We had been planning to do some shopping, anyway, so rather than backtracking an hour to the camper, with gas at $4/gallon, we decided to see what we could find at the mall, since it was the end of the season the baseball cleats were on clearance. Tyler & Chris went in to find some he liked and try them on while I waited in the play area with the rest of our gang. But, of course, Chris didn't have his wallet with, so I had to go in & pay for them. When I looked at them, they were only a size 5, and I was a little bummed because I was hoping to get them a little big so that maybe they'd still fit next year. Since I hadn't been with him when he tried them on, I assumed that the next size up was way too big and paid for them.

When we went out to where Chris was I said something about them only being a size 5 and he said he thought the had taken the 5 1/2's. So I sent him and Tyler in to figure it out. It turns out the shoes he picked out didn't come in a 5 1/2. The 5 1/2's he tried on were blue and he didn't like the blue ones. HUH?? So I very nicely reminded him that the cleats he wanted so badly at the Nike Store were blue. He informed me that they were blue with gold on them, not just plain blue. Seriously??? There is a very good chance that he will be paying for at least part of cleat's next year if the black ones don't still fit him!

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