Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Pet Store

We had to take the car up to have it aligned last night. Apparently it pulls to one side. I was a little concerned about my husband, however. He kept saying, "can't you feel that" when telling me that it pulled. We've been married for almost 12 years, and have been dating for 16 years....and he seriously thought I was going to notice that the car pulled?? Has he learned nothing about me in all of those years? Unless the vehicle is making a tremendously loud noise, or something important goes wrong with it, such as the radio or the air conditioning not working, chances are I'm not going to notice. I keep telling him that that is why I married him, so he cold take care of all of that sort of stuff.

So we headed up to Mankato with all three babies in tow...because the boys are still gone, so we couldn't leave any of them at home. (And because of Caleb's severe anxiety being away from us, it is pretty difficult to hire a sitter.) After we dropped of the car & grabbed a bite to eat, we decided to stop by the pet store. If you recall, while we were on vacation, we went to the zoo, and none of the kids were very interested in any of it. Last night, however, we could hardly get them to leave! Even Baylee, who's been a little cranky lately, was laughing out loud while we were by the Guinea Pigs! Amata & Caleb would have seriously stayed there for hours if we would have let them. They were mad when we said they had to leave, because they had only been looking at the froggies for about 10 minutes....and look, mommy, there's a crab!

I guess next time we want to take the kids some place fun, we should just plan to roam around the pet store for a couple of hours. And then, after that, we could head over to the mall and let them play in the toddler play area with all of the soft slides & climbing stuff. I don't know why we waste money on gas & overpriced food to go to the zoo!

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