Monday, July 14, 2008

Another New Word!

Well I'm back from vacation...the vacation was nice, but the coming back to work part, not so much.

Caleb learned another new word over our vacation...."poop"! And he does know what it means. Usually he will point to his diaper and say it if he has pooped. And actually, yesterday, he said it before he had actually pooped. Had we realized he meant he had to go, we could have run him up to the bathroom first!

I'm really trying hard not to be too offended, though. I am really happy that he is finally beginning to talk. He is also starting to babble a little bit which is great, since that is another step to actually talking. But seriously, would it have killed him to try mommy first??


Amy said...

Just got to love children!!!

Trish said...

awww! So glad he is talking more!