Friday, July 18, 2008

To the Zoo

We left my mom's Monday morning & headed to the Cities to Como Zoo. We've always liked that zoo, partly because it is free but also because I always thought we could get pretty close to the animals. However, the zoo was not a big hit this time. Amata & Caleb were not as interested in the animals as I thought they'd be. Plus, we didn't see any chimpanzees and the polar bear exhibit, which is always everybody's favorite, is closed for renovations until 2010.

We did at least get them to pose by the giraffe statue as we were leaving.


Amy said...

I love the zoo, whenever we visit family near a zoo we go ... I probably like it more than the kids but a happy mommy makes for a fun day!

Trish said...

aww man, it's a shame you couldn't have found someone to take that picture so you could be in it- it makes a great family shot!