Thursday, July 24, 2008

MIssing the boys...

The past several years, the boys have been going to my dad's for a week in the summer, and they've loved it. I mean, really, what's not to love. No bedtime, sleep as late as they want, the meals are always things they like and they can just hang out all day long if they want to.

This year, however, it wasn't going to work for them to go. I was kind of hoping that the subject just wouldn't come up, but of course it did. So I explained to them that it just wasn't going to work this year with Grandpa's work schedule and that maybe they could go for a long weekend during the school year or something. They were kind of bummed, so I mentioned to them & Chris that maybe they could go to his sister's instead. His mom also lives in the same town, and she works second shift while Sarah works days, so between them both there'd be somebody around most of the time.

So, last night, Chris met his sister to drop them off for the next week. They were of course very excited. In the past, when they'd gone to my dad's or my sisters for the weekend or something, it was kind of a nice vacation for Chris & I, too. We could eat what we wanted without any whining, go where ever we wanted. But these days, not so much. It is actually a lot of work for us when they go because that means Chris and I have to take care of all 3 babies by ourselves! I didn't sign up for that! I only agreed to take all of these babies when we had two pre-teen boys to help us.

Besides that, Amata is very unhappy. That girl picks up on dang near everything we say, and so from the time they talked to Sarah on the phone, she has been wanting to go to Sarah's and is demanding to know "why" each time we tell her she can't. She refuses to accept any of our reasons "why" anyway, so I'm not sure why she keeps asking. This morning when she got up, Chris said she did not even say, "good morning, daddy" or anything. She came down the stairs and said, "Are my boys home yet?" Chris said no, and she shot back, again, "I want to go to Sarah's!".

It is going to be a long 7 days!

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