Monday, July 21, 2008

Mall of America

Since the zoo was somewhat of a flop, we headed down to the Mall of America. Chris thought it would be fun to eat at the Rainforest Cafe. We ended up with a great table, literally right next to the huge fish tank. Amata loved finding all of the animals hanging around.
Cameron ordered what we thought was a simple raspberry lemonade; when it came it was actually a slushy drink in a flashing cup that he got to keep. (Notice I didn't say a "free" flashing cup, because the cost of that cup was definitely added into the cost of that drink!)

From there, we headed to the Nickelodeon Universe. The great thing about there is that my kids are not much into the rides, so we can wander around all we want for free. I did have to take a potty break, though, and the bathroom just happened to be located by one of those games where you throw the ping pong balls and try to get them into the cups. Chris let both Tyler & Cameron get 12 balls but they didn't win. Then he bought 12 more balls and let the boys each have one more, and then Amata & Caleb got to throw the rest. Caleb won! (I told you that boys has an arm!) Hopefully it won't damage Tyler or Cameron's egos too much to know that their 1 1/2 year old baby brother beat them! The only downer was that the prizes at this stand were from the Simpsons & that other cartoon show mainly for adults, so he ended up with a Bart doll. It shouldn't damage him too much, since he has no clue who Bart even is.

Amata really was happy to see Dora, although in this picture Chris looks more excited about it than she does.
We did make one very big miscalculation, though, we ended up leaving the Mall of America at 5:00 PM. I HATE rush hour traffic! Mainly because it doesn't make sense. The minimum speed limit on the interstate is 45, so why do you end up completely stopped? If everybody was at least driving the minimum, traffic should always be moving.

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Trish in VA said...

that is definitely a place we will have to visit someday!