Monday, April 14, 2008

Watch out for Flying Shoes

My oldest son came home from school last week and he had some red marks on the side of his face that were kind of in a line. I asked him what happened and he said they were playing I think it was dodgeball, or something like that, in gym class and another boy kicked the ball and Tyler got hit in the face. I asked why the marks were in a line if he was hit by a ball.

He said, "I didn't get hit by the ball. Colton went to kick the ball and his shoe flew off and hit me in the face."

I said, "You got hit in the face with a flying shoe?"

He said, " Well when you say it like that it sounds funny."

I said, "It is funny!" (I know, you're envious of my superior mothering skills, aren't you?!)

PS I was only allowed to show this picture if I explained that I pushed his hair out of the way to get a better picture of the marks, usually he has his hair covering his forehead.

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