Friday, April 25, 2008

Pet Peave

It really bothers me when people are wearing clothes that do not go together at all! This is why, when I do the laundry for the youngest 3, I ALWAYS make sure to put away their clothes in pairs, even if it is blue jeans & a tee-shirt. That way, they just need to grab the top 2 items to get dressed & I know they will match. For some reason, however, Amata cannot seem to grasp that concept, and so my daughter (who picks out her own clothes at least twice a day) usually ends up wearing an outfit that CLEARLY does not match. You do not wear a flower shirt with striped pants! They don’t even have many of the same colors!
Plus, notice the tie & buttons on the back of this shirt? They should be on the front. I am happy to see that at least her shorts are on right.

This does not bother my husband near as much as it bothers me, therefore, she is often dressed like this. Would it look bad to make her wear a sign that says "I dressed myself, my mom would never dress me like this"?

This is a picture of her behind because Amata asked to see a picture of her butt - how do you say "no" to a request like that? (Please ignore the chairs & toys all over the floor! I'd love to say it was just a bad day, but unfortunately, that's what it usually looks like.)

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Amy said...

You should see my ten year olds outfits - as long as she can find a common thread, which really only makes sense to her, then it matches!!!!