Wednesday, April 16, 2008

One Sleepy Girl!

Amata is almost 3, and she kind of tends to be a wee bit hyper-activite. (And by a wee bit I mean the girl is a spaz). She has always been a little hit & miss with her naps, although not for lack of trying on our part! But when her energy runs out, she will just crash, where every she is.

She falls asleep on her Daddy.

She falls asleep on "her Tyler"

She falls asleep in her chair.

She falls asleep in Baylee's Car.

She even falls asleep at the dinner table.

It's gotten to be kind of funny, you just never know where she'll fall asleep at next.

But then we started to wonder if that might be hereditary...

Baylee can also fall asleep anywhere, including Daddy's leg...

And backwards in her swing. (I know, that is probably why you are supposed to buckle them in).

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