Friday, April 4, 2008

Here goes...

My name is Stacie, and I live in a small town in Southern Minnesota (and by small I mean around 2500 people.) and I have 5 children. Growing up I never imagined that I would have 5 children or live in a small town, let alone both! My husband runs a daycare out of our home (pretty sure he'd never imagined that's what he'd end up doing when he was growing up, either) and I work full time for the City that we live in. We are also licensed foster parents, and have been since October 2002. I'm hoping to use this blog to chronicle my children's lives, as well as to vent about things like stupid people, my co-workers, and the legal system. Wish me luck, since I haven't quite figured out when I'm actually going to write this blog, let alone make it interesting enough that anyone will even care to read it!! Eventually I'll even try to post some pictures, but I'm kind of slow at that, so give me time!

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