Tuesday, April 29, 2008


A few weeks ago I was at Wal-Mart all by myself! So I thought I’d take my time and went through the clearance isles. They had a Leap Frog Reading & Writing toy that I was thinking about picking up for Amata & eventually Caleb. But then I walked through the toy section and they had a toddler size Little Tike’s basketball hoop. Caleb LOVES balls, and it reminded me how Caleb had been trying to throw a ball into the big basketball hoop in the driveway, he must have thrown that ball up 10 times! There was a lot of stuff on my list, and so I really wasn’t planning to spend much on toys and such. So I decided I would only get one of them, the Leap Pad or the Basketball hoop. It was a tough decision, but I decided the basketball hoop would get used more at this point, so that’s what I bought.
I was kind of second guessing myself that maybe I should have purchased the educational toy, but the next day Caleb put my fears to rest. He obviously doesn’t need the leap pad since he is already enjoying romance novels!
See, he'd only been reading the book for a couple of minutes and he's almost done with it already! (Notice he even has it right side up!

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Trish in VA said...

I LOVE the Walmart clearance aisle! lol! My husband dreads me going to that store because he knows I will come home with some new thing for the baby that she really doesn't need- but it was on sale!