Friday, April 18, 2008

Do you know where your kids are?

Amata & Caleb both seem to have a little naughty streak in them, which includes the need to climb on or into anything they can, or to hide if they have something they shouldn't.

So if you are missing any of your children, and you've already looked in the washing machine & the cupboards, look in any boxes you have around ...

Or check under the baby's crib, especially if the baby is in the crib trying to take a nap at the time. (It is kind of hard to see her, but, yes, Amata is under there, too.)

You could try checking in the closet...

Or maybe IN the corner shelf that your husband was going to hang.

You can also check underneath the kitchen table, or in the corner between the door & the wall. For some reason I don't have photos of those, but they are a couple of favorites at our house!

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