Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What DID they do before TV?

Look, 2 posts in one day! There is a very good reason for this... I re-found a DVD we've actually had for quite a while that is full of 33 minutes of toddler songs & sing-a-longs. The kids have already watched the entire thing once, and are about half-way through the second time.

I had time to clean up the kitchen after lunch, and even sweep the floor!

This DVD has the alphabet song on it, too...maybe I can count that as pre-school activities if I play it every day?!

I admit, that even when they aren't watching a special DVD, there is usually either Disney Channel or Nick jr on one of the TVs, but they won't usually all sit and watch a whole episode of anything on those channels, so it is mostly ends up being background noise.

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