Monday, January 5, 2009


It was Tyler's birthday on Thursday. He is my New Year's baby, but he was not even close to being the first baby of the new year. And to be honest, I would have much rather had the last baby of the year, given that he was induced and all, but, I should probably let that go, since it happened 13 years ago and all.

I just can't believe he is 13 already!! I mean, he certainly acts like a teenager...but I'm just not old enough to have a teenager.

He finally rolled out of bed around 11 and was ready to open his gifts.

He got a MN Twins titanium necklace (which I didn't get a good picture of), a Packer's collectible figurinewhich Caleb claimed as his and a glass Dale Jr Nascar car, but his favorite by far were the Packer's tennis shoes. They were a little big, since he has small, skinny, size 5 or 5 1/2 half feet, but the smallest size the shoes came in was a 6 1/2. He didn't mind, though. He wore them all weekend.

The nice thing about him getting older, though, is that he picked Green Mill for his birthday meal instead of Happy Joes.

We hung out and played some games at home for a good share of the evening. And then it was cake time. Tyler had requested a Dairy Queen cake, and lucky for him I made it to the DQ on New Years Eve at 7:47...because they closed at 8 and were closed on the first.

First Tyler blew out his candles. Then Caleb had to blow out candles, as did Amata, of course. (Yes, it's blurry, it's hard to get that girl to be still for 1/2 a second to get a good picture.)

Once the candles were blown out for the third time, we finally got to enjoy some.

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