Wednesday, January 21, 2009

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

I received an envelope from the MN Department of Health last week. I got a little excited, could it be the birth certificates I've been waiting four months for? Of course not. It was the application for Baylee's birth certificate being sent back to me because the Court Administrators office forgot to sign it. I called to see once I had it notarized it could be faxed back. Since I had them on the phone, I also asked to see if Caleb's was notarized. She informed me that there was a problem with the adoption paperwork that was with his, and so his had been sent back to the county.

So long story short, it took them three months to the day to look at the applications for new birth certificates only to decide they both needed additional information. I'm a little concerned that it might take them another three months to look at the corrected paperwork.

I did have an idea, though. Because I have our estimated taxes done and we're supposed to be getting a very nice refund back, which I would like to have sooner rather than later. So I decided to call the IRS. (I only decided to call because they do not give out an email address for tax questions.) I waited on hold for 15 minutes last night, only to be redirected to an area that could not take my call because their call volume was too high. I'm guessing they cut it off at some point so that they don't end up sitting there for 2 hours after they close to answer questions. So I tried back today. It only took me 10 minutes to get through to the area I needed to talk to this time. It took her another 15 minutes to actually give me an answer.

She didn't seem 100% sure, but I did get her employee number, just in case. According to her, I should be able to file my taxes on time using the social security numbers they were issued at birth, but I need to use the name that is on the cards, which would be their birth names. She said that the worst thing that would happen is that if their biological mother tried to claim them as dependents, too, using the same social security numbers, then we'd each get a letter later in the year. The person who had the legal right to claim them, meaning Chris & I, would just have to send in documentation that we did adopt them. She would be the one who had to pay the money back with interest & penalties. I don't think that would happen, anyway. Do you even file a tax return if you have no job, no income, and no children?

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