Saturday, January 24, 2009

Fashion News?!

So, first, I feel I should admit that I did not watch the inauguration on Tuesday. I really can't stand presidential speeches…or any political speeches if you want to know the truth. I really don't care what you say you're going to do, I care more about what you actually manage to accomplish. I realize it was a momentous event, the first black president & all, but I was still more than content to just watch the 2 minutes of it that made it on the nightly news.

What really got me, though, was that on Wednesday, during the combined 30 minutes that I actually got to sit down, or stand in one place, long enough to even see much of the Today show, and other news shows, is that on at least 3 occasions, they were discussing what Michelle Obama was wearing. And what their girls were wearing. In fact, in the total amount of time I did watch TV on Wednesday, I believe they only actually discussed the actual inauguration once.

I realize that the media does almost the same thing with what Hollywood stars are wearing to big events, too, and although I really don't like that either, at least that is an industry that is really known for how they look. But, am I really supposed to believe that what most Americans were wanting to know about the new president, is what clothing his wife & daughters are wearing? I find that mighty sad.

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